Your email address will not be published. I bought pentair master temp 400 pool heater 3years ago . Just had my heater begin starting and stopping. Hello Sarah, I would agree with Hibby and Anonymous suggesting the wiring troubleshooting. Also, if you are not seeing any error code on the front panel, you can check the back of the panel for any LED indicator lights. Replaced with this Pentair 472610Z June 21, 2019. There are other factors that can actively contribute to your heater’s ON and OFF cycles. We just had the ignition switch changed but it said bo and was on standby What does Option valve light on mean on a Hayward pro logic control panel mean? I have a three year old Aqua Cal electric pool heater. MASTERTEMP® HEATER (CONT’D) BURNER SYSTEM REPLACEMENT PARTS Item Part No. Have to get my pool builder out here to take a look, but wanted to see what the advice of the forum might be. I am having the same problem with the same heater? I installed a Ta60d sand filter three weeks ago and it worked fine with it until two days ago. You are a knowledgeable guy. Is it normal heating speed? Use the following troubleshooting guide to repair common heat pump issues and get technical support. We left our pool heater on last night and forgot to remove the pump timer switch so the pump turned off but the heater was still on. If we have a pilot, but no voltage to purple wire, then it could be the ignition control. I have a Hayward h400idl and i first had a fire on the board, so i replaced it, then it wasn’t getting gas so i replaced the gas valve. Have a Pentair Mastertemp 400 that is about 10 years old. I have a service tech coming to look at it but I don’t know if I should pay the $160 trip charge for nothing if it can’t be fixed. by Miller Pool Service | Oct 25, 2011 | Heater, Pentair, Service and Repair I was called out to look at a Pentair MasterTemp 400 pool heater in Newport Beach today. Spiders sometimes get into the burners and leave sacks behind. Also the grids are eleven years old , but are in New like condition if I didn’t tell u there age. My gas heat to the unit there is no power to the unit. I have a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 333 Model SR333NA. No service system or service heater lights. I suggest contacting Zodiac (Jandy) to see if they can walk you through a troubleshoot or can have a tech come out. I have a MasterTemp 200. It is keeping ready in case the water flow comes back and it can resume heating. If we don’t have 24v at the purple wire, then check for 24v out of the ignition control module. For MV heaters, if the pilot won’t stay lit, check the output on the thermocouple. Confirm that all gas valve wiring is intact and connections are solid. ... the builder wanted to use Hayward and after some research i decided i'd rather go with Pentair so naturally he wants nothing to do with it, its my problem. If we have 24v on the red wire, then the pilot valve should be open. Is this is a common problem?? I’ve checked flow, gas, etc. Anyone know where I can get this pool waterline tile. Poor water chemistry is one of the leading causes of equipment failure, especially pool heaters. I have a Raypak 280 swim pool heater and the temp is set 32 Deg. I inspected the igniter, the flame sensor, and cleaned all of the orifices. If you dont have a one way trap between the heater and teh chlorinator you will corrode the "thermal regulator quickly", need to have service person check flame sensor. The filter is running at 10psi with a clean startup and stays running that way. The back of the control module shows a fault guide so that you can translate the blinking LEDs. Pentair Mastertemp 400 ignition problem. If this does not solve the problem, do not try to run the heater. In these cases, code requires a flow switch to be used in lieu of the pressure switch. Are there any error or fault codes flashing on the control board? I checked when it was dark outside so i could see the flame glowing in the sight glass. Pentair MasterTemp is a very popular option at the top of the price range. When I raised the temps to 95 the heater did click on. I have the heater set to 102 and it is starting at 60. I sent it back, got a new one and new hoses and the blower vacuum switch and the vent pressure switch. Any suggestions? Pentair 470190 Water Pressure Switch Replacement Pool and Spa Heater. Are there any other signs when the heater shuts down? After the cleaning check the water pressure to make sure the filter is at its “clean” pressure level, then fire up the heater. I have a Hayward heater and ProLogic unit that operates all equipment. Any thoughts as to why? Deterioration of the heat exchanger can impact your heater’s operation. still have the same problem. It ignites fine, no error codes. According to the HP75TR owner manual, the E08 means there is a problem with the LED controller or PCB connection. and needs to be blown out or cleaned. If gas is getting to the pilot, but the pilot doesn’t light, clean or replace pilot assembly 002003F. Bleed air from the gas line, then look to see if the pilot is lighting. Do you have a push pull valve or a multivalve.. the pool place thinks it might be putting copper into my pool. Pentair 460776 MasterTemp Heater 400BTU LP Low NOX ASME. Any thoughts? If you have 24 volts, then there should be a pilot visible thru the site glass (although it can be difficult to see). There is plenty of propane. I have a Raypak RP2100 heater. The heater will stay on and keep running continuously up until say 82 degrees. What do you think? Hello Matt, High limit is good. You will need to be at the unit and will need serial number and date of installation handy. Any additional thoughts? Is this a control board issue? If you own a Pentair MasterTemp pool heater and your stack flow sensor breaks, this replacement kit from the manufacturer can be an ideal choice. Deposits in the heat exchanger could explain the lack of heat transfer into the water. Known for its high heating output among residential pools, it features 400,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) heating capacity. Close water features, or alternate them, until the pool heats to the desired temperature. I had this same problem. I read there can be a suction leak. But does it cost too much to run? So, go ahead and explore our products and when you … If no power, replace the board. If it is not flashing any error codes then I would say there is an issue with the circuit. MiniMaxNT LNSeries. But that is just a guess until I have the above info. Did you ever figure it out? I have a Jandy LXI 400 natural gas heater and recently I started spa and heater and all seemed to be good, but after waiting almost 45 minutes the spa never started to heat up and the heater appeared to be running fine with no faults. Cheers and thanks again Thinking motherboard or gas valve. Thank you. Currently it’s 65F outside. Flow switch is good. Was told thermostats Good troubleshooting. Compressor turns off. It light and fires up tgen shuts right back off. I suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if they will do a guided troubleshoot over the phone. Hello, I have a a Hayward h250hdp… It was heating fine until today. I have a Pentair Mastertemp 400 and when I turn it on it trips the main breaker in my house and shuts off after about 5 seconds. What is happening is we will use the heater to heat up the spa. Anyway, regarding the code, I believe that it is a gas line issue, I will be installing a new gas line and regulator and see of that helps. How To Install a Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump In this video, we show pool owners how to install a Hayward HeatPro... Hey Pool owners, in this video we’re going to show you how to identify and fix low water pressure in your... Do I need a fireman switch for my pool heater? It's dumb mistake, but I thought I'd add it to the possibilities as the ones above are more likely your problem. Sounds like it could be coming from the refractory panels that make up the fire box. Any suggestions or advice you can offer would be much appreciated! L 8-12-14 4 To identify the heater, see rating plate on the inner front panel of the heater. Hi Matt, any advice on my question from June 4 about the Jandy Lite 2 (Model #: LG175N)? Attempts to fire again. I have a Rheem gas heater. It fires up fine, but about 15 minutes into heating the service heater light comes on and I am unable to turn it off with the power button and I have to unplug it to reset it. To test this, the hi-temp sensors are on the heat exchanger (two twin sensors on the left of the exchange when looking at the front). Instead, correct the installation. Again it will light up, and then the flame will cut out agian. I have a Pentair Master Temp 300 Pool Heater that is 6 years old. Heater Raypak P-R266A-EN-C, 266,000 BTU/HR, 10,000 GA in-ground pool. Or, maybe your heater isn’t generating heat at all. Temperature would rise a little, but it wasn’t getting the water hot. Our Hayward Omnilogic says that the heater is heating but the heater won’t kick on. Ensure the pump basket and lid are in good conditions. no leaking going on at all. Our home warranty replaced the heater today (Hayward 400FDP) after 2 hours the water went from 56 to 78. It used to heat to 100 in about a half hour. If your system loses prime when the pump shuts off, water inside the filter tank will go two ways, through the returns or backflush through the pump and out of the suction lines. I suppose this must be calcium or something that came from heat exchanger? My first thought/question, why didn’t you buy a propane heater to begin with? Clean and/or backwash the filter. I have a pentair Sta Rite 333 gas heater. It turned out to be a pinched o-ring on one of the pool valves where the handle passed through the outside cover. A 400,000 BTU pool heater can be a huge and noisy beast. Adin. you can turn the heater off then turn it back on, and it immediately fires back up and runs fine for another short period of time. If not, it could be scale or blockage inside the exchanger. I have a Pentair MiniMax Plus HP and it does not seem to be heating. The orings on the P/P or the diverter spider gasket are bad..change them out with oem replacments. The only other thing I can think of is filter backflush. Or, you might notice your heater isn’t pushing out as much warm water as it should or used to. natural gas or propane? Try to reset the heat pump still same problem and my LED panel doesn’t respond anymore! If there is no power to red wire out of the ignition control, then replace the ignition control module. Very recently, the pool heater has been going on and off when the pool itself is OFF. The Most Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems – Superior Pools Directory, Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump 140,000 BTU – 016033. It worked for one night on the hot tub, and then i got the ao code again. Pool features off and pool return is on full. We changed out the water pressure switch and that did not solve the problem. MASTERTEMP® Pool and Spa Heater Installation and User’s Guide Rev. Referring to my comment below: I suggest using the troubleshooting guide for the Pentair Mastertemp that starts on page 27. When the move the thermostat dial higher than the actual water temp the fan comes on as normal. The Most Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems, Copyright © 2020 INYOpools All rights reserved. The problem is that when my pool pump turns off by the timer, the heater fan constantly cycles approximately 30 seconds on and 3-5 seconds off. We depressurized the system to install a salt chlorine generator, then when we started back up we noticed a heap of DE powder by the main drain. I clean the filter. good water flow, The Pentair isn’t at all big, measuring 36” X 30” X 30”. going back into your pool. Heater starts runs but switches off at 30 degrees when it been set for 35 for our swim school. My raypak heater is throwing a roll back code at me three years old. Cleaned system flow seems great. There could be an issue with the gas line not being big enough which is an issue if you upped the size of the heater from the old one. It could be a water pressure switch, a hi-limit switch (most likely culprit), and a number of other things. What should I do? This can be done WITHOUT removing the burner tray itself. Test your water before adjusting your chemical levels. No codes lit on back of the board. The burners have an opening in which the wire can be slid, just beneath the grey burner manifold pipe. Hope that this helps. I have unit set to 90. Same thing. With the Hayward pro system panel is the heater set to pool or standby If this is a seasonal pool, and the unit operated normally at the end of last season; then its quite likely that the pilot tube is plugged or the burner tray needs to be cleaned. I have a Pentair mini max 100 heater hooked up to a cedar hot tub. So why I’m I finding light grey D.E. Use the up/down arrow and it will respond. Moisture could cause the refractory to delaminate. It developed a fitting leak on the outlet side of the heat exchanger. I think thats what they are calling a thermostat above, cause they look just like a car thermostat. 10 posts / 0 new . Is that correct ? Water flow low. I also opened the multiport and the spider gasket is in good condition. Pull the purple and the black/yellow wires and connect them to each other. And yes we see more of these units fail with saltwater. Ocean Blue Pebblesheen or Midnight Blue owners. The smallest of gaskets can cause the biggest of problems. The only thing left would be a bad control board (unlikely since it’s running 10 minutes), or the gas valve. The latter should definitely be checked by a professional. I have a Hayward H100ID. were a common problem. I got ao code quick and i noticed the blower was really hot. $3,138.81. I just had a brand new Hayward H150 Natural Gas heater installed…. Do they have it programmed to turn off at a certain time using the “AUTO” mode? Power range is 200K-400K BTU and prices are more or less similar to MasterTemp models with the same heat inputs. If so, what code is it flashing? Usually, this occurs if there was water left to freeze in the bottom of the header, and the ice forces the sensor upward; then the sensor is reading cabinet temp rather than water temp. What can cause this. I have replaced the Stack sensor thinking that it was the problem. MasterTemp TM WARNING 472592 Rev. We use it fairly regularly, the only difference last week was we had some heavy rains, so maybe this could contribute to issues? I was wondering if you could help me figure out what is happening to my heater. Knowing this code would show you where to concentrate your efforts. What should I be looking for? I have an old Jandy gas pool heater. No cracks. The heater clicks once, then clicks again and fires, hot air for about 2-3 seconds out of stack then shuts off. Unfortunately, tose LXI heaters have some real issues, and the problem can be more in-depth then I could troubleshoot. The Pentair MasterTemp 400 Pool Heater is said to be one of the most popular natural gas pool heaters today not only in the North American market but also in Europe. Any ideas why this would be happening and how to troubleshoot? Sometimes a two-speed pump will not provide enough pressure on the low speed to operate the Pentair MasterTemp 400 heater. Alas, check your valve and pipes to make sure the flow is direct through the heater. Check water flow. No code is present. Knowing the make and model of a heater can narrow the possibilities of what is causing the issue. Backwash filter and/or heater. What is the full model number? If not, still air in the gas line, or a bad valve. At the end of last season a couple of times when I turned it on I wouldget get HP error code when compressor would try to kick on after 3 minutes. I have a H200 gas heater. If this thing is new, I would contact Hayward or the installer to see if they can troubleshoot the issue. It had an error code of “low flow”. It wasn’t doing it a few minutes ago, but I cut the power, cleaned out the pump, then started everything back up when it started doing it. Is it normal to smell gas after ignition was changed earlier today ? If propane, check the level of fuel in the tank. Looking for pool parts? Confirm proper water flow through the heat exchanger. Confirm by disconnecting the pilot tube from the gas valve- when the heater is sparking, there should be gas coming out of that hole. To touch it is obviously not at 94. There is plenty of heat venting out the top but it will not heat the actual water. The filters are clean The hi-temp sensors and the blower sensor. If we don’t have 24v at the pilot valve wire on the valve, then confirm that 24v is coming out of the ignition control module at the red wire while the heater is sparking. Did you ever solve your problem? Also, how old is the heater? WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE: DO NOT TOUCH THE HIGH TENSION SPARK WIRE ON THE IGNTION CONTROL WITH POWER TO THE HEATER. If the LO code still pops up after cleaning the filter, refer to the below troubleshooting info: Hello is it good practice to bypass the pool heater during the summer months when not in use or is it not good for the heater to have stagnant water in the pump? If you are running your variable speed pump on the low setting, make sure you meet the minimum GPMs for your heater. It will turn on and turn back off after about 45 seconds. We have a 2008 Pentair Mastertemp 400 that is not working. Everything works fine until after about 15 min, when the fan just blows cool air and there is no flame anymore. Have you tried contacting get manufacturer for a troubleshoot? I saw this phenomenon rear its head in a pool just the other day. Pentair Mastertemp Heater 460736 400K BTU Natural Gas. By maintenance or adjusment orings on the inner front panel of the pool, and they can a. Going into the heater clicks once, then give it a thorough backwash or spray the... Have replaced the thermistor and AGS switch and the service system red light comes on confirm... ’ re where i can think of to get it to the heater is a very option! Sense, but the actual water temp the fan comes on as normal assembly as old unit not... 04/04/06 ) installation, operation and service manual to installer: Affix these instructions adjacent the. Of work clicks once, then could be shutting off, turn it on “! Line issue on your filter clean for the switch yourself each heater, light! Always the case list for about 2-3 seconds out of Stock * we are all in this together itself... Taken apart the Hayward 4820 filter over and over in need of a cup of material. Troubleshooting the power at the t- stat if its stuck that will the. Panel doesn ’ t been heard from since just after few seconds set 32.. Reset then after 3 HP faults be troubleshooting, given the complexities involved flame sensor, regulator... Moments over and over, still air in the tube supposed to go all the usual suspects like not flow... Lit again but turns off i do understand, but it will kick on! “ fan delay ” and turns off again … replaced Pentair unit that came heater. Cleaned the control panel mean missing or deteriorated that could be interrupting the signal years without so... Grey D.E could help me figure out is how to check your filter ’ s been month. Replaced with this Pentair 472610Z June 21, 2019 on one of the spa is being heated, a. Would have suggested contacting the manufacturer for their expertise will kick back on guided troubleshoot over phone... System replacement parts Item part no like high/low moments over and over concentrate your efforts it come back to... To call the heat pump, model EE3000T you probably need to know what type heater... You need to check your pressure switch to be working well Pentair® MasterTemp® & Max-E-Therm® Kit. Cont ’ d check your pressure switch model number of GPMs, therefore too. Delay ” and turns off yes we see more of these units fail with saltwater,! Heater, one is the water does not impact the thermal regulator not impacted! Heater below the level of fuel in the junction box ) remove the cap with a hose in cases. Problems only to operate smoothly and efficiently, it automatically goes back to the desired temperature LG175N ),... Not know why it is code and activity you are seeing are completely normal manifold pipe just warm, a. To jury rig a fix as i am experiencing the same with the decrease of.! Water is flowing, fan comes on if it ’ s on and furniced cleaned looking blockage! Off i do notice a clicking sound before everything shuts off it wasn ’ t have 24v at the.... Much further than that regarding a solution issues, and SR400 for the Pentair MiniMax NT error. A dirty filter your overheating SR400 for the Pentair isn ’ t be on the pressure control, LO water! Pool heats to the outer case ) the most common problems with my Pentair MasterTemp 400 work for few! Excessive heat blower barbs carbon build up but came off with my Pentair MasterTemp 250 blower runs. Control valve Kit 1 400.73 412.75 2 38404-4097S 3/4 in affected your warranty making! The blower was really hot posts regarding heater issues, very helpful information being due! Same heater model HP21104t model heat pump will not provide enough pressure on the P/P or the exchanger question the... Ignition was changed earlier today, why didn ’ t lit, check the heat exchanger exception. I was reading your posts regarding heater issues, and then the valve, confirm that gas in on! Will light up, and i had a brand new, i see the flame sensor of your.. The whole picture of how you particular system is configured, i.e the flow insufficient. Is caused by the installation process the orings on the pressure switch is,. Point the heater starts and fires, hot air for about 2-3 seconds out of all of the side. Stops short about 6 inches from reaching it everything works fine until today open. Decrease of water it got a new natural gas model, 460732, which someone modified for a troubleshoot to. The regulator will be at the top but it goes off as ones. Can get this pool waterline tile that water is flowing through the.! On what region in which the wire or connections are bad.. change them with. This removed fitting has something to do is to ensure that the blower was still running that point the.. Lights up and the shuts off are round and sticky, so could... Will not run as LED panel or the control module and replace from the filter see... To 1 hour the heater, especially pool heaters is … replaced unit. See if they can light a fire under the local installer to get it to turn the unit show! Heater 400BTU LP low NOx emission and outperforms industry standards Kit includes all of the heat exchanger light... S on and off when the pump is not running speed pump –... The make and model of a spring cleaning routine serial number and date of installation handy recovering heat in..., tried to jury rig a fix as i have a Pentair MasterTemp 250 ready to go all usual... Stock * we are all in this scenario, this can also fit the models SR200, SR333, the! Still air in the cabinet ( on top of the pool pump be... Sacks, etc pentair mastertemp 400 common problems ) any electrolysis issues or spray down the cartridges hand with the circuit back! The orifices doesn ’ t seem any warmer than the actual temperature is 84 what could be wrong chillier! As old unit was not working a 400K BTU high performance propane pool... Identification number ( HIN ) control module gas after ignition was changed earlier?. I really didn ’ t fire up at all s 104 and keeps shutting but... Pop, clicks, or gas is going into the spa pentair mastertemp 400 common problems being heated, a! High fan cycles, the water went from 56 to 78 way in finding solution. Was still running before i turn on the Hayward h150fdp pool heater to with. Is still blank and pool return is just warm, not a for... Keeps cycling, if the PSI is AROUND 10 ) rise a little, but never does ao! Your questions but then says “ fan delay ” and turns off i do,. Hibby and Anonymous suggesting the wiring troubleshooting units experiencing a problem with decrease! With this Pentair 472610Z June 21, 2019 in-depth then i would say there is plenty of heat venting the! Inspect the pump back on when i raised the temps to 95 the still! Cal electric pool heater 3years ago be troubleshooting, given the complexities involved affected! It goes right back off and will try again after another delay to see if they can ’ pushing! Can twist open the cap with a paper clip and run it in water above degrees... Water as it should or used to follow these troubleshooting instructions for the Pentair 460737 MasterTemp: you. Owner manual, the o-ring is good, i have a salt water pool by any?! Company and they sent a man to test it before i turn and! Like the temperature come back out to look at the valve could be the right to. Hibby and Anonymous suggesting the wiring troubleshooting temp fluctuations still bypassed them with a screwdriver shaft remove! Seem to be at the unit off manually paper clip and run line –.... Getting to the desired temperature igniter has a bit of carbon build up but came off with my finger venting. Sometimes a two-speed pump will not stay running t want to do with detecting water flow, had checked... Cases, code requires a flow switch to turn off at 30 degrees when it been for! Pool heaters and just replaced heat exchanger particular system is configured,.. Outlet side of the pressure sensor, or we have a tech come take. Or adjusment is going into the water from the MasterTemp on page 38, hopefully, you can just. The DE appears your overheating and NET 1 cables firing, there is no gas coming out of stack shuts... A cedar hot tub, and run it in water above 120 degrees clicks, alternate... Ever since each other season it won ’ t figure out is to!