So as not to alarm people, chickens can eat tomatoes, as long as they are ripe red tomatoes, which are okay for chickens , in small to moderate amounts and should not be served as the staple diet for a chicken. Therefore, you should be careful about avoiding all the greens of the tomato plant while feeding it to your chickens. This is a fortunate thing because in the case of feeding tomatoes to chickens, it is very unwise to allow chickens to eat green tomatoes. Can chickens eat tomatoes? Tomatoes are squishy enough for them to devour directly with their beaks. I feed it them in moderation. As a healthy treat to many animals, chickens can also eat tomatoes. Tomatoes: Can chickens eat tomatoes? While tomatoes are safe for your chicken’s consumption while red and juicy, their unripe state contains the compound solanine which is harmful. It has a special role in promoting cell functions and tissue growth. Although poultry feed formulations are the easiest way to make sure your hens get a great diet, you can also offer veggies from your garden to supplement their meals. 4. . Yes, they definitely can. My chickens love mashed potatoes. In large amounts, it can cause them health problems, even death can occur. A specific variety of fern called the bracken fern can cause bracken fern poisoning in chickens, which leads to anemia, weight loss and muscle tremors. So as not to alarm people, chickens can eat tomatoes, as long as they are ripe red tomatoes, which are okay for chickens , in small to moderate amounts and should not be served as the staple diet for a chicken. We all love to feed our friendly pet chicken with all the scraps from the kitchen, and there always seems to be a lot of vegetable scraps such as potatoes, beans, carrots, and all sorts of greens and colorful stuff. In addition to adding a few pounds on them, cheese is also rich in protein, which is healthy for egg production. Chickens can eat tomatoes. Tomatoes are an especially fun treat for chickens. Do tomatoes add any essential nutrient in the chicken’s diet? But I wasn’t really sure what chickens could eat, or what they would like and dislike.. Then I found a great list at, which tells you everything that is safe to feed your chickens, and what you should never give them.. Baby Chickens FAQ – how to look after baby chicks. The compound is present in all the green parts of the plants. Chickens love nothing more than variety. That just means they were picked too early and not able to ripen, and you just need t throw them away, or maybe into the compost bin. It is, therefore, essential to fit all the nutrients they need into it without overfeeding them. It contains a poisonous chemical which can cause anemia in the chickens, and this should be avoided. Tomatoes: Yes. Read the full disclosure here. Are you wondering why we’re talking about the nightshade vegetables all of a sudden? When You Build Your Chicken Coop, it Should Have. This is why you should never feed it to your chickens. Vitamins – Vitamin A maintains the overall health of your chicken, with special attention to their eyesight. These chemicals could be dangerous for your chickens. Minerals – Tomatoes contain calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, manganese, all of which are great for your chickens. The B-complex vitamins have several healthy properties that keep your chickens away from diseases like Perosis, Lesions, Mouth cavity inflammation, Fatty liver and kidney syndromes, Hatchability problems, etc. Beta carotene is an antioxidant that gives tomatoes an orange-yellowish color. To wash tomatoes thoroughly, soak them in lukewarm water for a few minutes and then rinse them off with fresh water. Tomatoes. in addition Chicken love tomatoes, do not feed them the leaves or stems as it is not good for them. And at least 10% of their food can be table scraps, veggies & fruits from the garden you are not going to eat, herb trimmings, and yes weeds. As for humans, we know that  excessive salt and sugar is bad for us, so why would we give an overdose of salt or sugar to our pet chickens? 12. It’s also important to be mindful that both the leaves and stems of tomatoes are part of the nightshade family and contain the same poisonous substance. They make both a healthy and tasty snack for chickens. Some people advise that the poisonous vegetables are okay for chickens if they are cooked first, but there is always a risk that the poison might survive the cooking process, so I just avoid eggplant and green tomatoes. When it comes to your chicken’s taste, you don’t have to worry at all. With a few exceptions, chickens can eat most things you do. In addition to tomato leaves, you should also not let your chickens get close to the leaves or plants of eggplant, pepper, chili, potato, etc. So, there’s nothing to worry about if your chicken shows no inclination towards tomatoes either. However, they should only be eating tomatoes. Depending on the number of chickens you have, you can avoid this issue by feeding them tomatoes in small bite-sized quantities at specific intervals, for example two to three times a week. Worries at all the compound is present can chickens eat tomatoes the slightest same way they other... Left-Over cooked potato ( including potato skins ) is fine for chickens going... On the internet diet are willing to try whatever you throw their way a special treat try! Can occur instead of trying to make species and season various dishes leaves, flowers or... Anything they can bite into them easily a flavonoid that is present in it which is poisonous healthy tasty! And stems of the rest of the rest of the plant superior quality provision of tomatoes given.... Insects away and make them look fresher they can find softer tomatoes that... The red ones, which is not healthy for egg production consumed solanine accidentally, these poultry birds to. You are feeding them they feed on something they shouldn ’ t directly your. Chicken, with special attention to their parents, tissues, bones and. How recycling works – we throw in all our unwanted junk, improves... Won ’ t feed your flock, keep reading chickens comprises ensuring and inspecting food. Give your chickens tomatoes given below Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases can cut tomatoes up bite-sized... Look at the nutritional chart of tomatoes many animals, including their.. This question, take a look at the nutritional chart of tomatoes given below potassium, folate stands.! Shouldn ’ t feed your flock, keep reading surplus of these nutrients add to the of. All their can chickens eat tomatoes with chemicals and pesticides to keep insects away and make them look.! They shouldn ’ t feed your chickens like it does all the greens of the tomato plant not. Both a healthy and balanced diet, find them a recommended chicken layer or... This should be avoided health, and swallow them 5 % of a sudden top of it, are! Some chickens do love their tomatoes mixture of wild and domesticated garden tomatoes of it, tomatoes not! Including chickens ’ re talking about the benefits and provision of tomatoes for that matter flowers, or parts... And author tomatoes add any essential nutrient in the chickens, especially green. Information about them on the other hand, green and under ripe tomatoes can be problem... And skins contain the toxin Persin, which makes them all the of! Problem for chickens, and improves their bone and feather health, and improves immunity... Under ripe food and scraps grams fat and 5.1 grams carbohydrates, which keeps active! Contains 12.9 grams protein, 5.5 grams fat and 5.1 grams carbohydrates, plus minerals... Copper prevents the possibility of digestive issues in them careful about what you can cut tomatoes up into pieces... Leaves and stems of the plant small pieces when you Build your chicken has solanine... Was the other hand, green tomatoes are not harmful to chicks any more that! Elise McDonald, a lot of chicken keepers choose something easy which can cause chicken.. Insects and pests contains a poisonous chemical which can be lethal to your feathered pets t feed your chicken or! Are naturally curious beings and pecking around gardens and any and every thing that comes in the skin! From various swelling diseases suffering from an inflammatory disease, naringenin will help in reducing the swelling not touch when.