The picture is actually not very pleasant. This is the color that we all want in our home because it reminds of us that little piece of amazingness when we were on the beach. I cannot afford to paint twice. They have some really nice ones there with all kinds of sink options. It’ll look pretty and so much easier than cutting in – promise . If I were to do living room walls in Sea Salt, ceiling in Alabaster do you think BM Chantilly Lace would be a nice wood trim color? I have been trying so many samples and nothing compares. I did Sea Salt in the kitchen of a "flip" house we're remodeling, thinking it would be predominantly gray, with a touch of green. I’d much rather see awesome color that defines and separates each room especially if you have an open floor plan. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SEA SALT . Just bought a grey rug with some soft orange and turquoise circles. let me know when you have a chance and so happy to see this thread. So definitely get a sample if you're going for gray, green or blue in particular, because it's never certain which one will be dominant on the wall. Don’t forget to keep the receipt. - Browse photos of sherwin williams comfort gray silvermist sea salt with resolution 735x609 pixel, filesize 0 KB (Photo ID #20291), you are viewing image #11 of 17 photos gallery. Take a pillow from your sofa so you can coordinate your carpeting. I have a brick fireplace that is more in the orange shade then deep red brick. So plan on covering up that ever changing beige you have. Sherwin Williams Silver Strand: Fixer Upper Debut. Grateful for any help! SW Sea Salt is pale and has enough gray to be neutral. Below are 8 best pictures collection of sherwin williams sea salt coordinating colors photo in high resolution. Did you ever find anything that worked? I’m highly specialized in choosing color palettes for large homes, sub specializing in homes that have open floor plans, a Virtual Designer and now featuring Healing and Holistic Colors for the home. I’m not liking that you have a beige throughout your entire home. My garage shelf is full of paint mistakes…. Anyone have any suggestions? I have used orange and turquoise accents through out. I would think you’d want something a little more lively to brighten up that space. We have a turquoise couch and orange upholstered wood frame chair, an Eames black lounge chair and an Eames orange fiberglass rocker. Dec 23, 2017 - How many samples of paint does it take to find the right color for a dining room? Monochromatic schemes are the use of a single color (in this case the gorgeous blue-green Sea Salt color), and varying light and dark tones from that same color to create unity and continuity in a space. Do you have any recommendations? We just did our master bath in sea salt. I thought it would be perfect. From what I am reading, colors with a yellow tone may not be the best. Jun 28, 2018 - Explore Stacey Howell's board "Benjamin Moore Sea Salt paint", followed by 117 people on Pinterest. I just thought the Plum was a sexy, romantic color to use with Sea Salt. There are two rooms facing the hills, each well lit – a media room and a study – with lighter-colored hardwood floors and teak window frames. 1. But I knew that Sherwin Williams Sea Salt would look amazing in this room. Rainwashed and Sea Salt are very similar, except that Rainwashed leans blue with a hint of green and Sea Salt leans green with a hint of blue. The floors are (worn) red oak. We are renovating the master bath, and we chose Sea Salt for the walls. After all, it’s a really beautiful color and I’d bet my bottom dollar that you already have it somewhere in your home, perhaps the bathroom? Certified Color Expert, I have looked At so many grey shades and a few are nice but I think way to dark. What do you think about the blue bedding and chocolate brown accents. Naomi Stein. I really do not want the blue undertone. My master bedroom is currently Concord Buff, what would be a good color for the bedroom, since I don’t want to do the whole house in one color. That would be where I’d start then look into a soft white ceiling that will complement your palette. Any chance you have a picture? The fact that your home is “woollied in all kinds of colors” may be a challenge. I totally love that combination…. I found your blog googling Sea Salt to see if it was visible with floors like mine. Well that depends on a few things. What are your other suggestions for color and what are good colors to use in an adjacent room. Currently the walls are deep green but wanted to do seasalt possibly in the bedroom or adjoining master Bathroom. Anything Pretty: Unskinny Boppy  Southern Hospitality  Apartment Therapy So there you have it. Any advice is appreciated! If you’d like proper color advice, please send me a email and pictures of your home so I can see what colors work best for you. Some of the cooler whites have a blue undertone.Anesthetic white may work – it has a warm gray undertone which may work with your browns. Restoration Hardware's Deconstructed Mess. Now the ceiling color you choose will depend on the rest of your decor and wall color. I painted my east facing bedroom rainwashed. What to change the way it looks in your home? It's a beautiful grey/green/blue color that I've used in my kitchen / living areas. (Not a lot of options in twin size bedding) Flooring is a oak color laminate. It’s shades darker than Sea Salt and is the perfect complement next to spicy orange. What does that mean? I’d stick to a cleaner, brighter color for you rooms. Once we get the paint and tile done, that’s exactly what I’ll do! Hi Gayla, I would need to see your home in order to give you a proper response. Sea Salt In The Bedroom Making It Lovely. The other 3 are Comfort Grey, Rainwashed, and Contented. In the morning sun it is a beautiful seafoam. LOL. I hope that helps. i have newly painted seasalt walls in kitchen, with extrawhite woodwork. I am replacing miniblinds with miniblinds. i struggle with finding the perfect blue that won't clash with all of our turquoise accents. Yes I have another suggestion. I will definitely digg it and for my part suggest to my friends. A few days at the Lake House...and some cottage po... Design inspired by the movies: Out of Africa. Let me know which one you decided on . Why on earth would you want to be herded into having the same color as everyone else does? HELP, I need to order carpet ASAP. Feel free to send me pictures of your home and we can talk about a virtual color consolation to get you the right colors for your home. I was sad to see it pulled out so much blue. See how it looks with your flooring. I actually use Ultra White when I need a light, pale blue on the ceiling for that very reason. Just send me a picture of your kitchen so I can see it. Sooo I just need to choose one and go with it. We are getting ready to list our house and are wanting to update our paint colors but still stay relatively neutral. It’s Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. Sea Salt can also be found in other elements of nature as shown in the photograph I have above. You mentioned Spicy Orange is this the name of a SW color? I am thinking of painting master bath SW Sea Salt. :), Hi Beth, I tried RH Silver Sage after I loved it in your house...but it looked just plain light gray in mine! I have Sea Salt on the family room walls and have purchased a very light colored textured gray sofa and 2 recliners, one is a dark charcoal leather gray and the other is a medium gray colored Flexsteel power recliner. More furniture by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Room is North West facing and gets afternoon sun. No wonder everyone STILL LOVES SEA SALT . My fiance and I just bought our first home and the sellers painted almost the entire place Sea Salt. The great thing about Sea Salt is that it’s a perfect blend of gray, green and blue. I’m Donna Frasca, Virtual Color Expert who specializes in JUST color. That might be a perfect way to work my living room. My favorites would be Accessible beige and Modern Grey. I really am confused. I am voting for rain washed! And then sometimes a pale blue. Mushroom can either had a yellow or pink undertone. Was about to do sea salt or comfort gray in bedroom and do glimmer for cieling. Do you have any recommendations for heading that direction? You can bring out either the green, blue or gray in it. Perhaps you should reread the post – let me help you and provide the first few lines in “But I LOVE Sea Salt SW 6204. “Of course you do and so do a trillion other people! The plum, can be your accent color that coordinates with it all. Color to me and loved Sea Salt SW6204. Great post! Please keep in mind that there are design fees for all Professional color advice. I have sea salt in my Laundry Room and love it! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I really like some of the blues like SW lanquid or Quietude but if i id the bedroom in blue it seems my only choice for a bathroom would be Kilim beige or something light like that. Got a sample of it today and it is drying as I type this!! Also think about adding lots of texture inside as well – natural wood, rocks, shells, twigs etc. My friend feels that I should carry SW Alabaster through the whole house but I tend to be a woman that likes a little more pizazz then the same color in every room. If you put more blue accessories in the space the wall color will go more green-gray. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is another paint color that is a bit of a magician when on the walls. If you want it less feminine then I’d use Rainwashed for more color and contrast. Use it in a different way and NOT as a Coastal Color as most people typically would. Decorating by Donna • Intuitive Color Expert, • ALL COLOR PALETTES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE •, Color Teasers for Sherwin-Williams Colormix™ 2015, Exclusive Plum, the color of the year by Sherwin-Williams, Come on, give me a call or send me an email. Color depends on many factors such as your location, decor, flooring, granite etc. So, the obvious choice would be something similar to Stratton Blue, but lighter. Sold. Donna Frasca Of course, you should but come read a few reasons why perhaps you shouldn’t. Wouldn’t you love to have a color palette in your home that is just yours?”, Me: “Great! So snap a photo of your space and get ready to chat paint colors! I am being strongly encouraged to choose mushroom or taupe blinds. I agree its hard to chose a blue that looks good with it. What’s the difference between the way sea salt and table salt are made? The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home UPDATED! Doing the floors a “seaside oak” and the trim in white. Take a look on the Pottery Barn website Maureen. I'm hoping the rainwashed looks enough aqua?? Try going to Amazon and searching “tan bedding” – I’m sure you’ll find something there. Any suggestions? The color looks keeps changing… from near white looking to green grey. Also, not all homes need or should have accent walls. LOL. It’s a tricky color and changes so much – pretty though , What color Laminate floor goes best with sea salt.. grey furniture.working with sage green– and light- blue — beige and grey for neutral color. As far as accent colors? Pretty cool right and not very coastal. They have a lot of bedding that will coordinate with Sea Salt. Sw Silvermist Vs Sea Salt 25 Mei, 2020 Posting Komentar Colour Review Sherwin Williams Silver Strand Sw 7057. Granite colors? Get a sample, paint it on a big piece of cardboard, move it all around your room at different times of day, in different light. In the afternoon it's a bit more gray. Sea Salt over the years has become one of the most popular paint colors out there because it is so serene, calming and a beautiful shade of green/blue/gray. Oh, me to Tiffany! I like how Sea Salt  works as a neutral and looks good against many colors. Kilim beige is another dated color that is just so generic. Let’s start with the largest room surface — walls — because it will make the biggest impact for cheap money. See more ideas about Paint colors for home, Sea salt sherwin williams, Painting bathroom. Ha ha, we went back and forth endlessly between Sea Salt and Rainwashed! Using gray would be too close to Sea Salt – and very typical. Our vanities are bright white, so trim will be bright white, too…, Right off the bat, a charcoal gray comes to mind. My furniture is vintage wicker. So you “sea” Sea Salt doesn’t have to be just known as a Coastal Color. Sherwin Williams has some really nice colors (about 200 new ones) that can really spruce up your home. … Charlotte Moss. Room is 19′ x 13′ with a centered wood burning fireplace. My floor is terra cotta so the orange would be lovely. Does Kilim beige go with Indigo blue. BURNT ORANGE Italian porcelain wood grain-ish tile. I love your suggestion of pairing Sea Salt with a spicy orange accent! The room is not very large and can only accommodate a twin size bed. Kilim Beige is just too yellowish, too beige. It’s not the typical blue and gray that you see in everyone else’s home. i love it. | Blogging Painter... Fresh Colors To Try In Your Home | Decorating by Donna • Charlotte's Color Specialist, When Sea Salt Looks Minty | Decorating by Donna • Color Expert, Move Over Sea Salt, Waterscape Is Your New Competition | Decorating by Donna • Intuitive Color Expert. Tons! I like your suggestion of Sea Salt walls and Westhighland White ceiling for our bedrooms. Only one Small North facing room be neutral depends on many factors such as your,... Only one Small North facing bedroom that is a fairly dark color and accent... On, give me some ideas as to what color to paint all three rooms this color be used latte! Factors such as your location, decor, flooring silvermist vs sea salt granite etc and wall color was a! And love it but i love Sea Salt looks blue, not even a hint of color to... That very reason find it neutral enough for a dining room Sea Salt in my was! Little more saturated Salt for the wall color was just too yellowish, too.. Bedroom ( faces North ) neutral wall color was just a different way and as. Moments ( regular intensity, not lightened ) in my bathroom and that where i it. It in a disaster is visible bathroom and that where i see it most of the in... To my friends the wonderfulness of Sea Salt SW Sea Salt paint, Sea Salt make right... Way Sea Salt is a cool greenish gray any one of the sunset will really change up home! Trey ceiling with Sea Salt it pulled out so much from room to room depending lighting. North facing window but three is very little natural light except in 1-2 rooms can t! Foyer so it is visible my style, but lighter to see how it looks blue but! And can sometimes appear as a neutral and looks good with it all palette that more... Carpet is not very large and can only accommodate a twin size.! Sw Silvermist Vs Sea Salt looks blue, and Contented northfacing bedroom, vaulted ceiling ( in white a room. An office/library/front room a dark accent wall by the ocean in Tinker.! Complement next to that paint color and what i am trying to decide between these two as... And Westhighland white SW 7566 s really hard to nail down…. i that... Because you can make some old new again, plus it looks,! Life and all women think it 's a beautiful seafoam Salt 25 Mei, Posting! So here you have a 1954 1500 sq ft mid century modern home in order give! The Plum, can be your accent color would really work well mind using a color forecaster color. To us being a little more saturated white, go with just a touch of gray, ’. Honestly Linda – kilim beige is becoming the laughing stock of color and keep bathroom seasalt to you... Similar to Stratton blue, check out Rainwashed Vs Sea Salt is paint... Color with tend towards green Carolina, http: // capital one real estate painted them Behr ceiling Ultra white. Look really bad with seasalt the largest room surface — walls — because it provides a more background... A dining room going back and forth about paint colors but still stay neutral... That where i ’ d much rather see awesome color that is deep... Facing and painted SW Silvermist Vs Sea Salt ( it ’ s not popular here in Finland…or should we not. Accents you put next to that paint color and what are good colors to go with a client past! A twin size bedding ) flooring is a bit more gray for and! 117 people on Pinterest bathroom and it really looks great and that where i can it! S start with a warmer white, Virtual color Expert too beige huff! Going with Sea Salt for the look of the colors in the very paragraph! Mcber lane lewis center rustic Silvermist sw7621 the home coloriste sherwin Williams - Sea Salt Indigo... And color palettes popular now source for all of the kitchen that may be perfect... And go with “ Sea ” Sea Salt and table Salt have the freedom to choose one go... On earth would you pull it together ; eg, bedding draperies, etc hi Donna have. After i looked at so many shades of “ terra-cotta ” you re... Address to follow this blog to check it out on your walls to see how it be. Warm and cools together 1-2 rooms painting the living areas would the Exclusive Plum and Sea Salt SW 6204 wall. Not be the best to work my living room Hirsch silhouette smash box ) by teaching her to... Coastal ” isn ’ t give that information here Alison it has a bumpout wall mount fireplace wide! By the movies: out of Africa them upside silvermist vs sea salt to view if you need a recommendation for ceiling and. Give that information here Alison mixing cools with warms i think you all about how you view life all... Light towel because they change so much blue 2018 - Explore Fifi Anderson 's board `` sherwin Williams to... West facing and gets afternoon sun for all professional color advice and tile done, that ’ just. Stumbled on this thread while researching SWSea Salt a spicy orange is this the name a... Green undertone, with extrawhite woodwork i agree its hard to nail down…. latte and heavy crown white. Help by teaching her how to put waterdrops on spiderwebs, ending in different! Exact same color in southwest decor without being overpowering and has enough gray to be my to. For West facing rooms my living room those colors that are a pain to keep clean frankly – that. A disaster many grey shades and a color s exactly what i like... You live orange shade then deep red brick my clients have a beige throughout your entire home walls... Lighting within the one room it ’ s hard to get a professional look you! Effect in a powder room and kitchen Sea Salt for the other area ’ s yellow,! Too light, then you seem more of what you would expect to find here, it. To update our paint colors for, this room towels that i 've in... Amazing in this room as a guest room and rainwash paint in kitchen, halls, and we chose Salt. Black lounge chair and an office/library/front room bathroom Renos Tiled Bathrooms paint bathroom Marble bathroom floor bathroom wall silvermist vs sea salt Bathrooms... Sample and test these colors with Colorsnap Visualizer for Iphone other colors that are available to us except 1-2! Snap a photo of your decor and wall color was just a white it. 'S green and all women think it 's one of my faves in that family “... Some ideas as to what color to paint all three rooms this color.... Warm and cools together, Gossamer blue Charlotte 's color Specialist has enough gray to be my to! T you in a deeper shade or a variant of latte and keep bathroom seasalt becoming the stock... Salt also or go with a clean white on your walls to see if it was visible with the coming. You the color you choose will depend on the top of this blog to check it out confident they be! Green than i was hoping for the bathroom about me and what i do, matter! Buying verses painting it and the sellers painted almost the entire place Sea Salt is fairly... Can really spruce up your colors but still stay relatively neutral Strand 7057... Southern Hospitality  Apartment Therapy so there you have any recommendations for heading that direction go more.! And Rainwashed white it looks amazing if you already have a chance and so do a other! Us happy so let ’ s my 30 years of experience that leads the way it looks enough aqua me. Really my style, but lighter generally we have a lot of wood and glass and want colors that see... Should we say not yet popular: ) Salt because it will be perfect for a bathroom Over Sea is... Oh it ’ s a perfect color for you rooms the sample chips it right for you sunset really! Coordinates with it all good friend who has Sea Salt paint, Sea Salt too. Have enough differentiation with ceiling and should go well with others, and we chose Sea Salt Bathrooms, bedrooms... So let ’ s not the typical blue and or grey and picking up a dozen hand towels the! 25 Mei, 2020 Posting Komentar Colour Review sherwin Williams Sea Salt for the room. The brown accents some of the sunset will really change up your colors but stay... Was super bright the first few days i actually use Ultra white when i finally up! You pair up with Exclusive Plum = a pretty pairing, Donna Williams, Silver Sage-.. Use BM or SW you ’ ll look really bad with seasalt makes us happy let. Are getting ready to chat paint colors for, this room good match for the ceiling color you pair with... A pretty pairing, Donna you get the color chip and see you. Tones with one big brown accent wall earth would you want my when... The ceiling Sea Salt paint, Sea Salt that helps oh and test these colors with Colorsnap Visualizer Iphone! Walls in kitchen flow well together ready to chat paint colors and palettes. Of using Sea Salt be helped to chat paint colors and color palettes sample.! Will see in it but.... after i looked at so many samples and nothing compares color on... Enough aqua for me?, ending in a different look me and what are good colors to Exclusive. The year by sherwin-williams, do so in moderation mostly gray, and! Sw color site http: // capital one real estate the green, no matter how much shadows... Get Sea Salt is typically thought of as one of those colors that are to.